Thursday, March 29, 2007

I should blog more

I know I know...I set up this little blog so I could blog...and I can't seem to be jump right in and blog. Maybe since I have been in such a funk lately, grumpy, depressed and just in a funk. I should be the happiest "little miss carrie" on the earth...I just came off a great weekend, I have a great hubby, I have great kids, great friends, and an interesting dog, but I just haven't been able to shake the funk. SOOO this morning I got up and worked out for an hour I did a 20 min video, then a 15 min. ab video, then the bike for 20 min. you would think after that I would have sweat the funk out...but I just can't shake it. I need to invent a funk remover. Help someone send me a funk remover...seriously what is the deal!!!! UGH

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