Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Santa Visit last week....

So last week we visited the "real" Santa at the mall. It sure didn't go as I would have liked but the kids didn't know better. In my opinion when the jolly ol' man walks out into the mall he must be "on" and not just a boring old man in a red suit. He should wave to and at least acknowledge the children standing in line that he has to walk past. Once he is in eye and ear shot he should not be discussing his schedule and hours with his boss...those discussion are for back stage. He should not stand there with his hands on his hips looking grumpy...try explaining that to your 4 year old. Once up to actual talk to him Santa was fine. He asked the right question. However the help was not what they should be....but that is what happens when you hire teenagers. The girl helping us was fine, but the one taking photos talked to her friends about their schedules rather than taking the photos. I tried to snap a few of my own undercover...they aren't great obviously but they got what I wanted....the moment. Sadly my 6 year old asked why Santa was wearing make-up ...I said so he looked rosy in the photo...It was bad make-up mind you. Kinda felt embarrassed for the man....putting lipstick on your cheeks is not blush. So we left covered in snow with a so so photo.

The kids loved him...the kids loved telling him what they wanted...the kids had the magic they needed from a mediocre man. And that is what its all about....I just wanted more!!!

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