Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Little Word

2007's word was Embrace
2008's word was Accountable
2009's word will be....a tough one to choose.

The first time I chose one word to live by for a year I wanted to "embrace" my life, live it fully, and take in each piece.

Then Last year I choose accountable. I wanted to make sure while I was embracing and living my life I was holding my self accountable. Making sure I was the one responsible for my actions. I wanted to be responsible for the choices I was making. While this was way easier said than done I think I accomplished it. I feel as if I saved some old relationships that needed saving. When I let my emotions get the best of me I was able to look back and realize it, knowing that that wasn't a choice I want to make again. I learned from my choices and began to know how to make better ones. Holding myself accountable for my actions was hard but not impossible. Our lives are always about growing and changing. I need to figure out how to accept change a bit my word for 2009 is still a work in progress..."Progress"

verb |prəˈgres| |prəˈgrɛs| |proʊˈgrɛs| |prəˈgrɛs| [ intrans. ]
move forward or onward in space or time :

I need to figure out how to continually move forward, I need to be more accepting of the changes around me. I need to foster the relationships I have and make them work for me. I need to help my kids move through their changes with strength. I need to gain confidence within myself and my family. By only moving forward and progressing in this life I live will that happen. SO here is to Progress!!!!!

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