Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December sixteenth

Was to be a full day but ended-up being a nice quiet day.

* Ran little buddy to school came home to clean, clean, girlfriend was due by 11.
* Sadly she had to cancel so it was Missy and me and not sure what to we baked, cookies & rocky road bark yum!!
* I finished my Christmas cards & prepped all my stuff to ship tomorrow....
* We watched Santa Claus 2 & 3 got the kids bathed and in bed on time...
* Hubby lost his if you find one you get a kids reward of $5 bucks..heehee
* We settled into a cozy fire and the new X-Files movie. I was so disappointed!! It was just like one big episode...nothing exciting. For me I needed more mystery, more aiens, more "the truth is out there" crap...but the movie produced nada ;o( so sad. Thank goodness I didn't waste my $$ in the theaters....

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