Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disneyland ;o)

We went and returned already from the happiest place on earth and it truly was!! I have not a single complain about the trip except that we had to come home. We saw everything, rode everything, and enjoyed everything we set out to. My daughter had her visits with each character she wanted to. I must add each of them took their precious time with her and gave her their full attention. Answering her every little question. It was the sweetest moment to have her meet Snow White. I loved it!!! Maybe a bit more than her. Our son on the other hand didn't want to have anything to do with the characters..."they are just people dressed up in costume, they aren't real" SInce when did he grow up so fast...he is only 6. UGH!! But he LOVED riding the rids. I was once again in heaven. He was tall enough to ride pretty much everything in Disneyland except Indiana Jones & the cars. He even rode the tower of terror in CA Adventure. & We have the photos to prove it. He had a great time without the whole character stuff & she had a great time visiting and meeting them all. Hubby went along for the ride simply enjoying his family I assume. Enjoying the kids being kids in the happiest place...I'm also sure he laughed here and there at his wife's enjoyment of the park!!!

Well we are back to reality as we know it. Still struggling with change...I think I might have a break through though!!! I read Kal's blog And she talked about how hard balance is and how we should really stive for harmony rather than balance. I must say that sounds so good to me. I feel as if I'm constantly needing a new hat on, a mom, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a crafter, and me someplace in there. I always want structure and balance but rather I think I need harmony. I need things to flow together and work together, overlapping when they need to but not crowding. SO I'm going to think of harmony rather than balance. Balance suggest you have an equal segment of this and that....not so in harmony...we shall see how this new idea works...I'll let ya know.

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