Saturday, July 5, 2008

An exciting 4th of July!!!

We had a nice memorable 4th of July this year.

Thursday night we went to the Singing Flag. The kids enjoyed it to my surprise. We grabbed Burger King on our way there. They loved having a picnic in a sea of picnic blankets. They loved bits & pieces of the show. It was cool to see Daddy working. But the best part was the fireworks afterwards. And a mental note to myself "don't park in the school parking lot next year!!!"

Then Friday Morning just after I finished brushing little buddies teeth he let out a loud scream, I thought he had fallen off the counter or something. He accidentally popped his tooth out. SO he officially lost his 1st tooth on July 4th. What a great day for that memory.

We then went to watch the parade & see Daddy working yet again. He loves to work OT for July 4th. The parade was the same a ton of cars and horse. The kids loved it!!! And I loved watching my kids enjoy it. Happy Birthday America I'm so happy that we live here!!!

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