Friday, April 11, 2008


I read a great book recently and I have wanted to make note for awhile now....A book on letters to a younger self...

I wish I wrote letters to memories for the future
I wish my mom wrote letters to me..... something to explain what was happening in our lives
I wish I had letters my grandma wrote to grandpa when he was away serving in World War Two
I wish I had written more letters to my brother while he served in Iraq
I hope that my children write letters to me when I am old...
I'm happy I kept almost all the letters hubby has written me over the year,
& I'm happy that I write my children a letter on each of their birthdays.... reminding them they are loved and what they have done through out the year.... as well as what the world has done in a year.

We as a society are getting away from writing regular written letters and mailing them though snail mail. I always remember to send cards on holidays to grandparents, but never though out the year. I hardly ever send friends letters...but rather an e-mail. I'm going to make an effort this week to write 3 letters and mail them to friends. Just to say "Hi." Who could you write a letter to??

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