Monday, March 31, 2008


Randomness is that even a word??!!

Today a bit of random...
* I sharpened about 30 pencils in class for kinderkids
* I read a book from when I was a kid
* I had a pepsi before 8AM
* I uploaded more to ebay....sell-sell-sell
* I'm watching my son's favorite show "Dirty Jobs"
* I had leftover cadbury eggs for lunch
* I loved doing homework with my 6 year-old...we found a TON of circles in our familyroom
* I loved watching my kids have a tiny nerf fight with daddy
* I had a great double date with my hubby & best friend last night....Yeah for a new awesome babysitter!!!
* 33 days and I get a girls weekend full of roller-coasters and screaming!!!

I love the boringness that makes my life complete!!! I love the everyday bits that make me who I am and my family who they are...

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