Monday, June 11, 2007


Change and choices...hummmm!!! I have choices in my life!!! We all know that...but I have been thinking about the choices I am making these days. Am I making the right ones for my family, for my kids?? Am I making the best choices for myself & my hubby?? It was funny that Ali today wrote about choices in her blog (yes I'm addicted to reading blogs). I guess reading about it made me think a bit deeper about it!!! The only person I can control is my self...I can influence others but ultimate every body(even my kids) are going to make their own choices.

Bubble Boy is already learning about choices, by understanding when he has done something wrong, more often we try to explain he isn't a bad person he just made the wrong choice, or a bad choice. Explaining that to a 5 year old isn't the easiest. But he seems to be understand the concept of choosing his life path.

I need to work on my choices, both physically & emotionally. Am I choosing to be sad, morning the loss of no more kids OR am I rejoicing in the fact that hubby & I are so incredible lucky to have 2 amazing children. An emotional choice I need to work on. A choice we made together for the better of our family. I'm good with that choice I just need to work on the emotional attachment I have to it. (Give me a bit more time) At least I know that I need to work on it...isn't the 1st step toward solving something acknowledging it.

Back to Choices...hummm & back to me making choices...I get to choose who I want to be, how I want to be it. I get to choose how I react to the kids, hubby, friends & family. I get to choose how much I let something bother me. I get to choose so much so why is it so hard to know what are the right choices?? I can choose how to react to the kids when things don't go good...I ultimately get to choose what type of parent, wife, friend, daughter, etc. I want to be. So here is to better choices & living a better life!!! Let's hope the choices I make in the future will be reminded of the fact that I get to choose them...I can take a bit more time to react....that is O.K.

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