Friday, June 8, 2007

Amazing what can happen in a weeks time!!!

1st I know I haven't been a regular blogger but I'm gonna get over it so you must too...

Sweet Pea has decided that she will be now sleeping in her own bed. UGH!!! on my part Wonderful on her part. To our surprise Monday Night she announced she wanted to sleep in her bed, so off we went with blanket, pillow & books in hand. She fell asleep no problem. Well I laid in bed waiting not so patiently for her to wake and call us in...didn't happen till about 11:30. Night 2 She again wanted to sleep in there this time with me by her side on the floor, not a very comfortable spot but if we are gonna do this here we go. Not sure when she climbed out but she ended up on the floor with me. Night 3 Wed. night she fell asleep on the couch & let daddy transfer her, not waking till about 3ish. So by then we are thinking this is where she has decided to stay. So yesterday came the bribe, If you can be a big girl and sleep all night in your own bed you will get a treat. Well sure enough 7 came and she was in the hall asking for me and looking for her treat. Off to target we ran and my big girl is officially in her own bed. How sad for me how awesome for her. Funny thing is Bubble Boy decided one month before he was 3 that he would be in his own bed. I guess this is the magic age for sleeping Independence. I just wish I had some warning!!!

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